They’ve Arrived!


I’ve had my eye on Terra Plana footwear for a while but now I’ve finally got my hands on a pair!

They’re a little more suitable than huaraches, which I’ve lost a little confidence in after the Lochaber DNF a few weeks ago (race report to follow, I promise!). I’ll still wear the huaraches, but only on short runs.

I wore the Neos into town earlier and first impressions are they’re very comfortable! I have really wide feet and these are the first shoes I’ve worn in a long time that feel really roomy, particularly in the toe box. That’s to be expected though I guess. Anyway, can’t wait to get out for a run in them!

2 responses to “They’ve Arrived!”

  1. Ian M says :

    Nice shoes. Be interesting to see how they wear etc.

    • sniktrunning says :

      Thanks Ian. I remember your post on the wear of your Evos, so I’ll def be keeping an eye them. Hopefully they’ve tweaked the materials a bit on the Neos🙂

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